Hiking has been in my blood since I was a Boy Scout in the late ’60s. Once I started work and began raising a family the opportunities to hike were almost non-existent. Even so, I was fortunate to hike in some spectacular places whilst travelling for work, including Cape Point and Table Mountain in South Africa; the Matterhorn in Switzerland; and parts of British Columbia in Canada.

Map of Victoria

In early 2015, and with retirement looming at the end of the year, I joined the Werribee Bushwalking and Outdoor Club and rediscovered my passion for hiking. This blog is a record of my hikes since then. The hikes will mostly be in my home state of Victoria (red on the map) where the number of hiking tracks is immense.

I am a stickler for detail and like to record things. I attribute this, firstly to my training as a Boy Scout, and then to my professional background. Whenever I hike I carry a GPS Tracker to record the route, and a digital voice recorder to note landmarks and prominent features, as well as the facilities along a walk. The information I get from the GPS Tracker and voice recorder provide a framework for the walk notes I prepare after each walk and share publicly on this blog.

Hiking or bushwalking ?

I have seen this debate on another popular blog and some people are very adamant about which word we should use in Australia.

Any walk for pleasure or adventure in a natural and largely undisturbed environment is a hike as far as I am concerned. When that environment is the Australian bush the hike can more accurately be classified as a bushwalk. By my reckoning then, all bushwalks are hikes and all hikes are walks, so I’m happy to use either word and often use interchangeably.

I deliberately included hiking in the name of this blog to be inclusive of all my hikes. It is much more important that I am walking outdoors and enjoying the natural surroundings than worrying about which word I should use to describe my walk (or hike or bushwalk).

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